My Career in words

aka Oliver mayer

Oliveros first guitar lessons began at the age of 5, and from the age of 7 he also took cello lessons with Professor Pözlberger/A.Bruckner Privatuniversität , where he studied music by Bach, Mozart and other classical and baroque masters.

When he was only 10 years old, he repeatedly performed excerpts from Bach’s Cello Suites and other works as a guest at the A. Bruckner Privatuniversität  with astonishing precision and maturity. Further appearances in smaller orchestras and various string ensembles followed. His partners on piano, violin and viola were mostly adults.

The search for new elements of music led him to the drums. He was particularly fascinated and influenced by the complex rhythms of progressive rock and fusion. Corresponding to his age, he joined a band with considerable success as composer and lead guitarist.

His life took a turn when he first encountered the music of the Spanish Flamenco legend Paco de Lucía. Fascinated by the precision and crystal-clear and brilliant technique of this master of the guitar and the stirring rhythms of flamenco, he was inspired to dedicate himself to this type of music. While studying jazz improvisation in Vienna, he went on many study trips to Spain, where he studied the technique of the flamenco guitar with renowned masters of this instrument, taught his own students and performed regularly.

Finally, the famous Spanish Flamenco singer Duquende became aware of his compositions and spontaneously agreed to record an album with him.

His greatest joy in this context were the words of appreciation from  Duquende: “Me gusta tu música, es muy pegadiza y fresca, olé tú!” (translated: “I like your music, it is very catchy and fresh, congratulations!”).

Olivero plays a guitar by Faustino Conde from 1986 as well as a blanca from 1986 which was previously played by Rafael Riqueni.

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